I’ve been everywhere man

I’ve been everywhere man…
I’ve been working as the Creative Generator for South East Queensland for just on 3 months now and what an amazing time it’s been. I’ve travelled over 4500km, conducted over 60 key meetings and spoken to hundreds of artists and arts workers throughout the region, and whilst there are plenty of challenges ahead, there is also some fantastic work being done by many passionate and dedicated people.
As always, I’m keen to talk to as many artists and arts workers as possible, so if you have a project or idea that you’re trying to developing then please contact me to discuss it. 

Redlands Creative Alliance
The Redlands Creative Alliance is an online network of likeminded artists, arts and cultural workers and community members from the Redlands region who can connect, communicate and collaborate via an easy to set up profile on the site. I’ve set up my profile here and encourage you to set up one as well.
Last night I attended the Redlands Arts Forum held in Cleveland by Elise Parups. Elise attended the Regional Arts Australia Junction 2010 conference in Tasmania in August and gave us all an update on some of her findings and interesting projects and people she met there.
Rod from Redland City Business Grow also spoke to us about RCBG which is a free and confidential business advisory and mentoring program provided by Redland City Council for small and medium business (including artists!). For more information, contact Melanie Lavelle-Maloney on 1800 282 208 or send them an email 

Community Arts Action Group
I’m looking for a few key people from each region to work with me as members of a volunteer Community Arts Action Group.
The aim of the Community Arts Action Group is to identify, on behalf of the community, the service requirements for cultural development, and the funding needs of artists and arts workers within each community.
The CAAG will liaise with the Creative Generator to prioritise a list of key projects and needs for each region and work together to develop strategic plans to assist their community in achieving these priorities.
For more information or to nominate yourself or someone you know to become a member of the Community Arts Action Group please contact me on 0428 745 693 or tim.mcgee@qac.org.au

Feature Artist
I’d like to feature an artist in my blog each week so please email me if you would like to be showcased. My blog is read by thousands of people (not really) but will be a great way to promote your work and maybe connect with other artists across the region.

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Creative Generator for South East Queensland
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