Qld floods and how the arts can help

As I write, the streets of Brisbane and Ipswich are filled with water, Bundaberg and Rockhampton are still cleaning up, around 75% of Queensland is affected in some way by the floods and the Lockyer Valley and Somerset Regions have been described by Premier Anna Bligh as being “completely and ultimately devastated” and that within the region …”There are whole towns that are now unrecognisable”.

The rescue and recovery process has begun and soon the clean up and rebuilding of the houses, towns and the lives of the people in these communities will begin.  At some point over the next few months, artists from these regions will have an important role to play in helping these communities through the process of healing and also in recording these events through stories, visual arts, music or even theatre.  The power of the arts to tell a story and reflect on events such as these is an important part of greiving, remembering and assisting a community in moving forward.

When the time is right, please feel free to contact me about any ideas or thoughts you have about creating something to mark this time in Queensland’s history.



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