Feedback from the Community Arts and Cultural Development Survey

Thank you to those who contributed to the Creative Generator SEQ Community Arts and Cultural Development Survey which has been active over the last 2 months.

The feedback you provided will help guide the role of the Creative Generator SEQ and will help us develop workshops, events and services that suit your needs. We are analysing the data from this survey now and will create a plan on how we best act on it over the next few months. Your continued feedback and ideas are always welcomed by emailing

I’ve listed below a few ideas and suggestions that have come out of the survey. If you don’t see your comment listed here, then please don’t think you haven’t been heard. This is just a small sample of the data.

• Need for more spaces/venues to perform, exhibit and create
• Need to more networking opportunities to connect artists
• Information on copyright
• Information on partnerships/sponsorships
• Workshops and information on funding opportunities
• Workshops on specific subjects such as visual arts techniques, film editing, photography, framing
• Talks from successful artists/producers
• Workshop on how to create a community arts project
• Opportunities to show and sell work
• Need for online event/workshop calender
• Workshops on audience development
• Creative Generator to hold face-to-face and small group meetings
• Hold an art fair/conference

Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss your particular needs on 0428 745 693 or email


About creativegeneratorseq

Creative Generator for South East Queensland
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2 Responses to Feedback from the Community Arts and Cultural Development Survey

  1. Lyn Donald says:

    Hi Tim,
    Quite a few of these subjects are covered by Artworkers Alliance. I am a member and every newsletter they have workshops covering many of the subjects you mention here. Its quite cheap to join. True, most things are held in Brisbane, but I don’t find it too difficult to catch public transport down and back.
    Lyn Donald

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