Looking Forward, Looking Back

As 2011 draws to a close I thought it might be a good opportunity to share with you some of the findings, statistics and outcomes that the Creative Generator SEQ program has achieved in South East Queensland.

Queensland Arts Council’s Creative Generator SEQ service has been operating for almost 15 months now and in this time I have conducted 231 face-to-face meetings with artists and arts workers and assisted a further 289 people via email or phone consultations. In all of these consultations, I have attempted to not just provide information on funding opportunities, but to also assist in building the long term capacity of SEQ artists through advice and support in developing their project management and planning skills.

This year, we have delivered a range of networking events including the Social Networking Events which took place in nine locations throughout SEQ and were attended by over 325 artists across the region. These events were an opportunity for artists and arts workers to connect and form collaborations, and also to learn how social media platforms such as twitter, facebook and blogs could assist them to promote their work and connect with other artists. We also recently held three Creative Spotlight Events in Brisbane which were an opportunity to shine a light on some of Brisbane’s leading creative people and were a chance for emerging and established Brisbane artists to gain some insight and inspiration into the way other artists careers had developed.

I have spoken at, and contributed to, many other community networking events, conferences and gatherings to inform the community of the Creative Generator SEQ service and to gain an understanding of the needs and gaps in each of the 10 regions. I have also conducted a number of surveys to ascertain the training needs of the region and from this information delivered nine Business, Marketing and Project Planning Workshops across the region to assist in building the long term capacity for artists.

Some of the other projects I have been involved with include the Animated Spaces project which was a partnership developed with the SWICH contemporary Arts Space and the 2011 Ipswich Festival to convert disused buildings in the Ipswich CBD into a vibrant performance space during the festival, and also the Artist by Artist project which was a collaboration between ABC Open and Qld Arts Council to assist 20 Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast artists to produce short films about artists, by artists.

We are currently assessing applications from each of the 10 regions for artists or groups to receive Creative Projects Support in 2012. This will be an opportunity for me to work more closely with a number of creative projects to assist them in developing a concept from beginning to end and contribute to building their capacity to apply for funding, develop partnership proposals, write a business plan and deliver projects in the future.

The Creative Generator SEQ service is a free service available to artists and arts workers to be able to access advice and information on the development of their careers. We look forward to working with creative communities in South East Qld again in 2012.

For more information please contact Tim McGee on 0428 745 693 or email tim.mcgee@qac.org.au




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